WARNING: OpenSea Discord hacked to promote NFT scam

OpenSea NFT Discord hack

This is the second time OpenSea is experiencing a phishing attack. This time, it is from the official discord channel of OpenSea. The crypto industry’s biggest and largest NFT marketplace OpenSea Discord is hacked to promote the NFT scam. Not sure how many users might have fallen for the attack.

The news of discord hacking came along just today at 2:13 pm IST when people started tweeting about the fake discord message.

As soon as OpenSea realized the hack, they immediately responded through their official OpenSea Support Twitter handle about the hack. They stressed not to click any links on their discord and they are investigating the issue.

Source: Twitter

According to the fake message on the OpenSea discord, the OpenSea platform has partnered with Youtube and a mint pass has been released to allow the holder to mint their NFT projects for free. Also, a phishing link was posted in partnership with YouTube.

Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, discord servers have become an easy medium for attackers. The hackers find an easy doorway to get into the official site coding and mess with the users and their assets. A similar happened to Bored Ape Yacht Club’s discord server in April 2022 where an attacker posted a phishing link and stole a mutant ape NFT.

Recently, the official Instagram account of the BAYC community was hacked to promote a fake NFT mint that resulted in the stealing of $2.8 million of NFT from the users.

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