DeFi homepage Zapper raises $15 million lead by Framework Ventures

Zapper Finance Series A

Zapper, a goto platform for DeFi investors to seamlessly manage funds on the Ethereum blockchain has raised a $15 million Series A round led by Framework Ventures. Other investors who participated in this round are Spartan Group, DeFiance Capital, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, ParaFi Capital, and Aave founder Stani Kulechov.

Zapper, the Homepage to DeFi  

DeFi is a complex ecosystem and tough to navigate without technical knowledge about Ethereum or how the various protocols that make up DeFi work. Zapper helps resolve this by bringing simplicity to investing in liquidity pools while doubling up as a portfolio tracker. 

Zapper Dashboard
Zapper Dashboard

Zapper had a very humble beginning. Born out of a hackathon in 2019, it has now grown to become a hub of activity for DeFi investors. More than a simple wallet manager, the Zapper offers added functionalities like swapping tokens and providing liquidity in DeFi.

It also offers a bridge to Polygon, one of Ethereum’s favorite layer-2 scaling solutions, and will support the Layer 2 Rollup Optimism in the future.

Zapper had earlier raised seed capital from Coinbase Ventures and Delphi Ventures in Nov 202. The platform has attracted 150,00 monthly users so far and has processed over $3 billion in volume through its swap (zap) feature. The Zapper team is now planning to launch an on-platform app store and mobile app.

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