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Bear market

What is a “Bear Market” and what are the ways to survive it?

What is a “Bear Market”? When the prices of the assets are set to fall for a longer period of time throughout the market by at least 20% from their all-time highs, then the scenario is known as a ‘bear market’. The entire global economy is bonded with the bear market. It is often considered…
Shanghai Metaverse China

Shanghai Commercial hub of China launches $1.5B investing in Metaverse

The biggest financial and commercial hub of China, Shanghai has announced a $1.5 billion allocation to the Metaverse industry for better economic growth of the country. Shanghai plans to allocate the fund to encourage 10 paramount companies and 100 small-sized firms in the metaverse and technological sector. These organizations are said to launch at least…
Solana SOL Lawsuit

After XRP, Solana SOL is in trouble- Lawsuit claims ‘Highly Centralized’

One of the Solana investors Mark Young has sued Solana Foundation and other Solana-related ventures for selling unregistered securities token SOL from March 24, 2020, onwards. On behalf of the plaintiff, the class action lawsuit was filed by Roche Freedman LLP and Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky on July 1 in the district court of Northern…

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