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Celsius Network MakerDAO

Celsius Network kickstarts a new month with MakerDAO debt payments

The Celsius Network has kick-started the month of July with some repayments of its debts. Recently the U.S- based cryptocurrency loan company has paid over $142 million towards MakerDAO loans. Further, it is paying off its debts to Aave and Compound also. A sum of $67 million has been paid to both parties for their…
Samsung Bitcoin Mining

Samsung will produce 3nm Bitcoin Mining chip

The world’s largest tech giant Samsung has started to produce 3-nanometer semiconductors technology for Bitcoin mining. The South Korea-based company is making huge progress in creating the chipset that can help in Bitcoin mining. Samsung is presumed to launch the mass production of its new 3nm semiconductors by the second half of 2022. The launch…
Harmony Lazarus Crypto

Elliptic suspects Lazarus Group for Harmony $100M Crypto hack

According to Elliptic report, North Korean Lazarus group is behind the Harmony $100M crypto exploit. The notorious hacking group has picked up its pace again in hacking and stealing funds after the biggest game played by them against Axie Infinity hack. Elliptic reports suggest strongly that the strategies employed for the Harmony hack are corresponding…

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