Edensol’s Solana based Metaverse brings a new Gaming experience

Edensol solana metaverse

Edensol, introduced by Golem House Team, is becoming superior in NFT-based games in Solana(SOL) technology-based metaverse. Now, the gamers in metaverse can play more realistic games and earn from their gaming skills.

Edensol was launched in late 2021, aiming to create an action-based on-chain game with a built-in NFT module. The gamers can find it quite exciting to play the high-tech integrated games having three types of Hero Characters: Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. Further, the winners can gain rewards in the form of NSOL- the core native utility token of Edensol and special NFTs.

These NFTs are unique and have no alternatives on any existing digital collectible platform. In addition, the gaming platform collections are vast in number and comprise special weapons, battle gear, limited edition clothes, pets, and so on. These collections can be taken as value storage or can be utilized in the future for gameplay. Also, this is the first time in metaverse the players can earn while playing. These collectibles can be traded into assets for real-world value.

Lithuania-based Golem House Gaming Studios constructed this revolutionary game in pursuit to attract NFT savvy investors, gamers, and millions of game fans of ‘Path of Exile and Diablo 3’. Thus, Edensol wants to leave no stone unturned to become the one-stage platform for NFT, investors, gamers, and collectors.

Edensol’s four major elements:

Powerful Gameplay: Edensol is filled with Heroes, Mages, Warriors, and incredible monsters with great features. The gamers experience thrilling journeys, breathtaking creatures, and battles for supremacy. The cutting edge powerful gameplay techniques allow users to win NSOL tokens (the platform’s native currency) and more pricey NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT): In the Solana blockchain-based ecosystem, the NFTs are in the form of characters, accessories, and land plots. Also, these NFTs can be bought using NSOL tokens or through winning a battle/tournament. Edensol has built up a state-of-the-art marketplace in the system to attract buyers and collectors. Edensol also provides limited edition NFTs which can be traded on other platforms like OpenSea or Mintable.

Guilds: Guilds are the players or group of players that stake NSOL tokens to occupy any part of the land and fight for any rare NFT. Guild members share profit-based earnings from land income. Additionally, Guilds can also breach other territories and can build their own virtual NFT empire over it.

The Solana Tech Edge: The reasons to choose Solana blockchain technology to build the Edensol are its ferocious performance and speed, extremely low cost, and extraordinary scalability. Solana can handle more than 710,000 transactions per second. Moreover, it only charges as little as $0.0001- which is negligible to the most extent. On the contrary, Ethereum-based exchanges charge 2.5% to 5% plus gas fees for trading NFT. Consequently, making Solana more superior and powerful where players can trade as many NFTs as they want with unlimited frequency. These advantages give Edensol perfect conditions to flourish rapidly in the metaverse market.

The metaverse is becoming the raging platform for NFT creators, investors, gaming platforms, and many more. Edensol is trying hard to engage millions of users on the platform through its variable pleasing techniques.

Head-spinning NFT gaming Growth

Apart from Edensol, Axie Infinity stands still in the NFT- gaming market. The leading NFT metaverse generated $3 billion in sales in 2021. It attracts around 2 million daily users.

Moreover, there are more than 800 blockchain-based video games, that allow users to gain NFTs as rewards. According to a survey, out of 197 gaming developers, 58% have switched to blockchain technology. While others have already initiated to incorporate NFTs on their platform to attract more users.

It is believed, that the NFTs metaverse sector will be worth up to $1.54 trillion by end of this decade. According to Bloomberg, it is the biggest platform consisting of “crypto, gaming and capitalism” and has potential for another internet revolution.

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