10 Telegram groups to follow in 2021 for crypto signals

Telegram is a messaging app that is pretty popular among crypto enthusiasts. While telegram’s Gram token project failed and did not see the light of the day, the telegram messenger still continues to be a vital source of data and a crypto community binder.

With the features like anonymity and encryption of chats (laughing at Whatsapp), Telegram became a major attraction for the crypto audience you wanted to stay anonymous and stay in touch with their crypto community at the same time. It grew at such a pace that today at present, millions of crypto users are using the telegram app.

Almost all crypto projects have their presence on telegram. From a news channel to a discussion group, you can find various kinds of telegram channels /groups that are concentrated on the Cryptocurrency world. In this article, we have listed down 10 such telegram groups/channels that we believe every crypto trader must join to get crypto signals.

1. Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical Analyst

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

One of the biggest telegram channels by member size that offers the best possible crypto trading signals. They have an expert team who does technical analysis for providing these signals however they don’t take any responsibility as such if signals go into a wrong investment by end-user.

2. Crypto Binance Trading | Signals & Pumps

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

This is a parent channel of the Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical Analyst telegram channel and provides the best possible crypto signals. They also have a premium membership option for advance traders.

3. Verified Crypto Traders

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Total Members

Verified Crypto Traders started in 2017 is one of the oldest crypto trading signals providers. This provider of crypto signals is registered within the legal framework in the Netherlands and is the only provider to do that. They have a team of experienced and skilled traders from the Netherlands, India, the USA, and Poland.

4. Universal Crypto Signals

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

Universal Crypto Signals is another top Telegram crypto provider. The service is still quite young, as it was established in 2018. It’s made up of a team of technical analysts from India that provides regular trade signals each month to their customers.

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5. Fat Pig Signals

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

Fat Pig Signals is easily one of the more popular Telegram groups offering Bitcoin trading signals and other major cryptocurrencies. Led by experienced traders, some users might even consider it a veteran of crypto trading and signals.

6. Rocket Wallet Signals

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

One of the fastest-growing crypto trading channels on Telegram, Rocket Wallet comes with a healthy track record of delivering consistently good-quality signals. Two experienced traders lead it from France who claims to have more than a decade of experience in crypto trading between them.

7. ICO Drops

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

It covers token sales, but its most valuable content touches upon general industry news, custodial solutions, SEC enforcement, etc. Its accompanying infographics provide a tl;dr for those who don’t have the time to read full articles.

8. ICO Analytics

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

ICO Analytics falls into the same boat as ICO Drops, but it’s not just another clone: the quality of this channel’s research speaks for itself. If you’re looking for figures on token sale ROIs, exchange token performance, and other metrics, you’ll find it here, neatly packaged into bar graphs and charts.

9. ICO Speak News

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

Channel provides the best ICO, IEO, DeFi Reviews, Signals, Airdrops, Blockchain News, Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting. This is one of the largest and oldest channels ever made since 2015.

10. IEO Pools

Telegram Channel Link

Total Members

Channel provides the latest news, pre-sales, airdrops, signals, promotion, IEO Listing, and Marketing.

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[…] 10 telegram groups to follow in 2021 for crypto signals 0 0 0 0 […]


[…] Also see: 10 telegram groups to follow in 2021 for crypto signals […]

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