10 Crypto Twitter accounts to follow in 2021 for crypto signals


If you are into cryptocurrency trading then I must recommend following the Twitter accounts below to get information, updates, and more importantly - crypto signals. These Twitter accounts are ranked in the top 10 by LunarCrush, a social media analytics platform for cryptocurrencies.

1. Pomp (@APompliano)

Anthony Pompliano is a founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a hedge fund that specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets, and backed by investment management firm Morgan Creek Capital. 

Pompliano has 800K+ Followers on twitter.

2. The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker)

Scott Melker is a crypto trader and investor at Texas West Capital. He is also advisor to a number of blockchain based projects and author of the popular Wolf Den Newsletter and host of the industry leading “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast.”

Scott has 390K+ Followers on twitter.

3. Max Keiser (@maxkeiser)

Max Keiser is the host of “Keiser Report” on RT. He is the founder of Bitcoin Capital & Heisenberg Capital. Keiser’s background is in brokerage, banking, and financial technology innovation. Keiser created the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX.com) and was awarded a US patent for his Virtual Specialist tech in 1996.

In addition to powering HSX. The Virtual Specialist tech launched virtual currencies, virtual securities, and Prediction Markets. Keiser is a frequent speaker at international conferences, including the first-ever Bitcoin conference in Prague in 2011.

Keiser has 300K+ Followers on twitter.

4. Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark)

Lark Davis is an early bitcoin investor and youtube content creator who creates informative content and updates on the cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin, blockchain, and the future of technology.

He also created the “Wealth Mastery” newsletter to help with financial investments. He has 280K+ followers on twitter.

5. K A L E O (@CryptoKaleo)

K A L E O is a well-known crypto trader and popular Twitter account. He also runs a premium newsletter on investing named Market Meditation.

He has 280K+ followers on twitter.

6. Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong)

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of the biggest crypto exchange in the world - Coinbase. He has 600K+ followers on Twitter

7. Cameron Winklevoss (@cameron)

Cameron Winklevoss is the founder of Gemini and has been a notable Bitcoin bull for awhile. Gemini is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. He has 450K+ followers on Twitter.

8. Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler)

Tyler Winklevoss is the twin brother of Cameron and the founder of Gemini. Notably, Tyler has more followers on Twitter. Both Winklevoss share thoughts on the overall crypto market on a daily basis. Tyler has 680K+ followers on Twitter.

9. Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor)

Michael Saylor is one of the most vocal supporters of Bitcoin. He is the CEO of NASDAQ listed public technology company MicroStrategy Inc.

MicroStrategy was the first major public company to put its treasury assets into Bitcoin. Saylor has continued to buy more Bitcoin. Saylor also hosted an event to show companies how they could benefit from putting treasury assets into Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor has 800K+ followers on Twitter.

10. Michaël van de Poppe (@mskvsk)

Michaël is a full-time trader from Amsterdam Stock Exchange. He provides daily content on the markets, economics and #Bitcoin, and more.

Michaël has 280K+ followers on Twitter.

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