VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk launches his own NFT project VeeFriends

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur and well known for his early investment in Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Coinbase is now getting involved with NFTs. Vaynerchuk was also behind the restaurant reservation app, Resy, which he and his co-founder sold to American Express in 2019.

After spending the last few weeks teasing drawings through Twitter, he announced on Wednesday that he was launching his first collection of NFTs. These non-fungible tokens are a type of digital asset that allows people to track ownership of a virtual asset using ethereum smart contract blockchain technology.

Gary Vaynerchuk recently announced that he would be launching a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called VeeFriends. It will have about 10,255-character tokens available for purchase through the Ethereum (ETH) network. These characters have been created by Vaynerchuk himself.

The 10,255 VeeFriends tokens are divided into 9400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and 300 access tokens; including many one-of-ones. The aim of this project is to create meaningful intellectual property and create an extraordinary community.

Vaynerchuk is planning to use smart contracts to interact with buyers of the NFTs. For instance, he plans to do this by offering an annual business event, VeeCon, to which token holders will be given exclusive access for three years, after purchasing a token.

He also announced that a portion of the revenue generated from this sale will go to charity, as well as setting aside five tokens that will include access to a scholarship. The scholarship program will allow the token holder to learn from the VaynerMedia CEO and his well-established professional network.

A part of donations will go into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that look to offset the negative impact crypto mining has on the environment.

He’s not the only tech entrepreneur backing NFTs though. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, recently sold the first-ever tweet for just over $2.9 million. Vaynerchuk also believes that NFTs are going to stay here and it has the potential to disrupt the future of the digital art industry.

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[…] this week VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk also launched his own NFT project called […]


[…] the world are getting hooked to NFTs. Earlier this week VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk also launched his own NFT project called VeeFriends. And today, we got the news that Floyd Mayweather is also releasing his […]

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