OnePlus may launch crypto wallet soon

oneplus crypto wallet

The nine-year-old Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer and leader in smartphone development and production OnePlus seems looking to expand its offerings in crypto market via a wallet service similar to Samsung.

OnePlus has sent out a survey to its users to find out what they were doing in the blockchain space hinting that the company may enter the cryptocurrency space to take part in this popular market. 

Samsung, the leading smartphone manufacturer had already launched a cryptocurrency wallet in its flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 in March 2019, and recently in May 2021, it announced that Galaxy smartphones will now have inbuilt support for hardware wallets for managing crypto assets after seeing that its user base for crypto has doubled.

OnePlus survey tries to understand what cryptocurrency users use, the problems they face, and how often they trade in crypto, among other things. Questions ranged from their familiarity with crypto wallets to buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

OnePlus blockchain and cryptocurrency survey

The five-part survey from OnePlus gathers information about users’ basic details like age, demographic, etc. followed by understanding users existing crypto involvement whether they have invested in cryptos and how often they check the price. The second part requires users to select the list of wallets or platforms that users use to trade crypto or check the crypto price and asked users to select if they use the wallet or website on their mobile, tablet, or computer. 

On the next page, the survey asks if users have used any software hot wallets like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, etc. It seeks feedback from users on whether they have used any hardware crypto wallets. 

The fourth part of the survey is about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It includes basic questions around the purchase of NFTs and whether the user is interested in creating their own NFT.  The survey ends with asking users whether they have purchased a second-hand smartphone.

This survey does give a clear hint that the company might be working on its crypto wallet and related apps. There is no official statement given from OnePlus on this matter. However, it could follow Samsung and develop some tech for users to safely and securely transact cryptos on their OnePlus smartphones.

With the popularity and institutionalization of cryptocurrencies across the world, one can not deny that companies are getting demand from their user base on adding cryptocurrency services into their smartphones. And not just Samsung, but HTC also has a flagship product in this space - its  Exodus 1, the so-called blockchain phone.

A week back, Apple was also found to have an interest in entering the cryptocurrency world. The company posted an opening for a business development manager with experience in the cryptocurrency industry. It could be to natively start supporting Bitcoin transactions through Apple devices or integrating it in Apple pay. 

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