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Have you ever watched the movie Ready Player-1? Well, you caught my attention then. The whole movie is based on gaming in the metaverse. The movie clearly defines how people have their own virtual avatars and live in the virtual world of the metaverse. This is exactly what we all will be going to experience in the coming future.

2022 will going to be exciting for all the tech giants. As we are shifting to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, we have to make a new way for Metaverse too. Next Earth is giving virtual land tiles of a 10m x 10m plot. Each plot readily represents the real-world land and can be accessed by a member of the buyer’s community.

Next Earth is using blockchain technology for managing virtual land NFTs on digital earth replicas. This will allow users to buy, sell and trade virtual land properties on the platform’s marketplace. Recently Next Earth has announced NXTT, a native token to generate enough revenue for the continued development of virtual ecosystems and transactions. NXTT will be available for users who own at least $100 worth of virtual land.

“We’re developing the metaverse itself. It’s a democratized, peer-peer-peer and decentralized metaverse, which I think is especially important since Facebook and other major centralized companies announced their entry to the metaverse.”

by Gabor Retfalvi, Founder and CEO, Next Earth

Stepping stone towards saving environment

It is also very responsible for Next Earth to think about the depleting awareness towards the environment. From the revenues generated through the NXTT token, Next Earth will also be helping environmental charity projects via donations. 10% of the earned revenue will be donated to environment-friendly projects like The Ocean Cleanup, Amazon Watch, Kiss the Ground, and SEE Turtles. The metaverse platform, in total, has generated $8 million as their income and has donated 10% i.e. $800,000 to these initiatives.

Climate change is an existential challenge that must be addressed with innovative thinking and new ways of using technology. With this project, we have the opportunity not just to capitalize on our efforts, but to start donating to important causes right out of the gate.”

by Gabor Retfalvi, Founder and CEO, Next Earth

Currently, Next Earth has gained 30,000 virtual landowners who are farming, advertising, and minting. Ever since the launch, Next Earth has recognized more than 395,000 NFTs minted, with almost $895,000 commission earned by the users. New York MET was the most costly sold unit for $32,000 earlier bought only for $100. the Egyptian Pyramids, the colosseum, stadiums are some of the interesting assets ready for trading.

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