After Twitter, Reddit to implement customised NFTs as display pictures


Very similar to Twitter, Reddit is experimenting in the NFT arena for a very long time. In the recent reports by Techcrunch, Reddit is testing the implementation of NFTs as user profile pictures. Being one of the leading micro-posting sites, Reddit is tiptoeing Twitter to establish a safe user interface for its subscribers in terms of NFT and has still not opened up on this matter. Lately, Twitter facilitated to post NFTs as profile pictures for Twitter Blue subscribers. This has also encouraged them to sell, buy, transact through their Ethereum (ETH) wallets.

In the statement provided, Reddit has explained that the testings are still under process & no decisions have been made so far for releasing it.

“We’re always exploring ways to provide value for users and communities on Reddit. At the moment we’re testing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verify ownership.”

By Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt

In June 2021, Reddit released its limited Ethereum based NFT called “CryptoSnoos“. These CryptoSnoos are available at the Opensea portal for auction where you can place the bid and win the NFT to showcase on your Reddit profile. Users with CryptoSnoos as their profile picture functionality can reveal all the crucial details. However, only four versions of CryptoSnoos have been released so far with hyped +100 ETH as price. With new ongoing testing, Reddit is trying to open gates for other NFTs in order to remove restrictions.

Moreover, Reddit does not have plans to release more versions of CryptoSnoos as these were also a part of testing trials. Reddit has also created a separate NFT dedicated page nft.reddit.com for more NFT related news and updated posts.

CryptoSnoos by Reddit

Reddit might face Backlash

Meanwhile, with their latest trial, Reddit is also gaining a backlash for their persistent NFT trials. Many Reddit users were angry with this blockchain expansion, and referred it to as “idiotic”, “gimmick” post to the announcement. Moreover, Redditors were concerned about the hyped prices of their CryptoSnoos collections which made no sense.

Other users are more neutral and supportive towards the company. These users want what best can be done by Reddit and to give a chance to survive on NFT platforms. They can still emerge as a big wig micro-blogging giant in the blockchain ecosystem.

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[…] After Twitter, Reddit to implement customised NFTs as display pictures […]

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