Polygon and Cere Networks to launch decentralized NFT platform

The first Decentralized Data Cloud (DCC) platform Cere Network announced the launch of DaVinci. According to the press release on Feb 14th, DaVinci will serve as the world’s first direct content monetization platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The platform will be going to be deployed on Polygon’s Network. The monetization platform will use maximum advantage from Polygon Studio’s gaming platform.

It aims to provide both decentralized data transfer and NFT value transfer also aiming to permit personalized content sharing via smart contract. In addition, DaVinci uses Cere’s Freeport deployed on Polygon to mint and sell operational NFTs. Each solitary NFT created on the DaVinci platform will remain intact to the original creator through the use of smart contracts. A smart contract makes sure the share of royalties to the original creator while it establishes a unique portal for the steady delivery of exclusive new content. Many artists and producers can research audience, analytics tools, and other buyer engagement tools to cater their content to NFT holders. Thus, the process makes sure more user engagement on the platform with high fan loyalty and NFT value.

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Polygon Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal stated, “a tip of the iceberg has been explored when it comes to the capabilities of NFTs”. Sandeep is inspired by the unimaginable contributions that can be made by artists and fans to realize more potential of blockchain. He stresses the variable routes to generate revenue from the unique content provided on the DaVinci platform. Also, DaVinci focus to provide a better experience and secure delivery of digital assets.

More promising Features by Cere

Moreover, the platform brings a collection of new features unique to the blockchain and NFT arena. Some of the new features include a subscription or ticket model, multi-payment support, content that pays the artist, and so on. Also, a pre-integrated custodial wallet for non-crypto enthusiasts allows a vast target audience to the platform. More features are yet to be disclosed by the Cere Networks and will announce the several collaborations made with performers, artists shortly.

Polygon has already taken a huge step into Web 3.0’s best performers. This includes gaming, NFT projects, Decentraland, OpenSea, Sandbox, Decentral Games, and many more. It is also a part of over 7,000 applications running currently other than NFT dApps outside Ethereum.

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