Starbucks to enter in NFT business and Metaverse by end of 2022


Howard Schultz, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Starbucks has announced the plans of the coffee company for this year. According to Schultz, Starbucks will enter in NFT business by end of the year 2022 and also might set up a virtual Starbucks coffee shop in the metaverse.

However, more details are still yet to come on this hot topic and the company is still in the working phase to complete the vision. The CEO has assured us that it will be ‘sometime before the end of this calendar year’.

Further, Howard Schultz is very excited about the new beginning of the most trusted brands of coffee in the metaverse and the NFT business. He curiously wanted to know from the audience itself how much they are involved with the popular buzzing word of this era ‘NFT’. He assured the listeners about having the best tools and collectibles Starbucks possesses to enter into the metaverse or enhance its business in the NFT world.

The company needs to look into different perspectives of the business while other competitors are trying to move into the virtual reality world already. Many organizations support a crypto-friendly environment and even sponsor NFT drops. Besides many worldwide known banks such as HSBC or JP Morgan have already opened their virtual bank forms in the Metaverse.

As the newly appointed CEO, Howard is more enthusiastic about more Web3.0-based projects and crypto collaborations. Just like Puma is sponsoring NFT collections on OpenSea like Cool Cats, Lazy Lions, and Gutter Cat Gangs, Starbucks might have something related to the offering.

Additionally, Starbucks is the only organization that has a ‘treasure trove of assets and the entire range of collectibles belonging to the heritage of the company.’ According to Schultz, no other company like brands, celebrities, or influencers have such a vast and rich collection that can make valuable assets for the NFT collection.

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