Sky Mavis to become a ‘Zero-Trust Organization’ after $600M Ronin Hack


After the biggest hack at Sky Mavis, the play-to-earn-gaming organization plans to go ‘zero-trust-organization’ after the $600 million Ronin hack on the platform. The hack took place in March and executed the hack of $625 million worth of NFTs and USDC.

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity who has pioneered the art of the play-to-earn GameFi model, is still examining the new post-mortem report published on Wednesday on all fronts. The security team revealed that the organization is planning to become a ‘zero-trust organization’ shortly. Also, it is expected the addition over 100 validator nodes in the team.

Source: Twitter

Security Roadmap by Sky Mavis

The organization stands to the security stance where the team will constantly scrutinize the threats and will also target the game’s creator Sky Mavis for all possible menacing.

According to the recent newsletter published on the official site of Ronin Blockchain, the Sky Mavis has drawn a strengthening security roadmap to prevent future exploitation of the organization and its digital assets. Sky Mavis is working hard to boost the security front from hostile malicious attackers.

Also, it is targeted to add 100 validators in the next three months from just severe number nine. A more number of validators will go to speed up the process of transactions and also will hold a strong position in maintaining the security and integrity of the system. Along with this, every area will go through a rigid process of inspection and audit including the internal process and procedures. Every employee will go under a series of more robust training courses to combat external threats and mitigate the risks.

Currently, all the codes and entire structure are being fully reviewed and optimized by the security experts. Sky Mavis has also decided to launch a ‘Bug Bounty Program’ to examine security vulnerabilities on the gaming platform. The bounties have been set up to $1 million to encourage people and users to find more risks explicitly.

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