Samsung will produce 3nm Bitcoin Mining chip

Samsung Bitcoin Mining

The world’s largest tech giant Samsung has started to produce 3-nanometer semiconductors technology for Bitcoin mining. The South Korea-based company is making huge progress in creating the chipset that can help in Bitcoin mining. Samsung is presumed to launch the mass production of its new 3nm semiconductors by the second half of 2022. The launch will not only be limited to Bitcoin mining but will also be implemented in mobile processors.

The high-performance 3nm semiconductors are specialized in low-power computing applications. The chip architecture consists of an applied Gate-All-Around (GAA technology) transistor. Reportedly, this newly designed architecture can reduce power consumption by 45% and improve performance by 23%. However, the second-generation 3nm technology will consume power by only half but the performance would increase by 30% with a minimized area by 35%.

With the GAA technology, Samsung will adjust to channel width of the nanosheet to enhance power usage and performance for better customer attraction. The 3-nanometer semiconductors will go to be the first-ever product with GAA technology.

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Source: Twitter

Almost two years back in 2020, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the biggest micro-chipsets and semiconductor manufacturers launched 5-nanometer semiconductors. The 5nm was reported as the fastest chip with an overall increased yield of 80%. However, the Bitcoin mining rigs equipped with 5nm semiconductors improved their performance by only 15%.

Moreover, TSMC is the biggest rival of Samsung in producing and supplying semiconductors, wafers, and chipsets around the world.

According to Samsung, from this week it will start to fabricate the 3nm chips for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), the most efficient equipment for Bitcoin mining.

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