Shiba Inu introduces ‘Shiba Lands’ auction in its Metaverse


As the Metaverse space system grows at an enormous pace, Shiba Inu has declared the ‘Shiba Lands’ auction in its metaverse. The ShibArmy community can purchase the land inside the Metaverse through LEASH tokens. It is notable that Shiba Inu has not finalized the name of the metaverse yet. However, the community can release its name anywhere in this month.

With the commencement of the second month this year, Shiba Inu has already started to amaze its community. Shiba Inu is all energized and motivated to bring its users and holders new surprises in the metaverse. According to Shiba Inu, the metaverse will provide a huge opportunity for developers, the crypto community, and content producers. Subsequently, the Metaverse holds unimaginable possibilities for users in the virtual world holding land properties.

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According to the latest post by Shiba Inu, the total metaverse valuation crossed $478 billion in 2020. This is almost the size of the entire Home Services industry in the United States.

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Owning Shiba Virtual Real Estate

The Sandbox and Decetraland are some of the top players in the metaverse and already providing great deals to the crypto community. Moreover, Shiba knows the metaverse can bring expandability and evolution in performance to its customers. Currently, Shiba is working on a queue system, specifically designed for the Shiba Land sales event which aims to prevent ‘Bots and Gas Wars’. Thus, making the execution of activities much more smooth and streamlined.

In addition, the developed queue system will ensure and prevent bots who buy the lands at less prices and later sell them at a higher price to the community.

At first, the queue system will allow parties holding the LEASH token to buy the ‘Shiba Land’ inside the Shiba Inu metaverse. According to this process, the Lands holding great value and exclusivity will be available to the parties first. Following this, the remaining lands will then be unlocked to the public for selling purposes. Very passionately, Shiba Real Estate is in full thrust to bring a great array of benefits to its users and landowners.

On the other hand, LEASH is trading at $1,800, approximately 45% up in 24 hours according to CoinMarketcap stats as of this writing. Furthermore, SHIB tokens are again gaining their paces back in the market. Over the last two days, the SHIB toke nare recognized the growth of 40%.

Source: CoinMarketCap
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