Avalanche’s pitch to ApeCoin DAO on NFT-centric Avalanche subnet

Avalanche ApeCoin DAO

The core developing team of Avalanche Foundation has submitted a technical pitch to ApeCoin DAO to migrate on its NFT-centric Avalanche Subnet. The proposal was made today and is in an early discussion phase. A formal governance voting system will be held on the ApeCoin DAO portal if needed.

The ApeCoin DAO comes within Yuga Labs’ newly launched Otherside Metaverse and the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. However, Yuga Labs have not commented on this matter yet.

The ApeCoin community members are showing mixed reactions to the governance forum discussion. Numerous members of the decentralized autonomous organization are arguing and do want any migration. The members as well as the asset holders wish to remain a part of Ethereum ecosystem and that it will improve with Layer-2 scaling solutions when merged.

The CEO and the core developer of Ava Labs Emin Gün Sirer spoke highly about his team’s engrossments for convincing ApeCoin DAO. Through his recent tweet on Twitter, he expressed about the benefits ApeCoin DAO can get from Avalanche Subnet and dedicated fastest consensus protocol.

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Source: Twitter

Currently there are 1,450 validators on the most decentralized layer-2 blockchain which is Avalanche. Emin Gün Sirer as given full assurance to chose any validator pool to run Otherside Metaverse based on validator record. Also, ApeCoin Subnet can own a customizable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to deploy metaverse assets, games, marketplaces with developers ease.

Further, if collaboration between Ava Labs and ApeCOin DAO happens then the Ava Labs developers will be able to assist in deploying the subnet; building tools such as bridges, explorers, and data analytics; providing transition support for the ApeCoin Community from other network; participation in sponsorship for future endeavors and events.

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