Top five blockchains to sell your NFT collections in 2022

TOP NFT Blockchains

Blockchains serve as the key route for all the users and NFT creators to showcase their artwork to the world. Each NFT on any marketplace represents a unique trait, a piece of art, digital content, or media of that digital asset. These blockchain-based virtual tokens also serve as digital assets where that cannot be lifted out of the chain. An NFT on the blockchain is an irrevocable digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for that digital asset. Let us go through the top five blockchains where you can sell your NFT collection in 2022.

Top Ten blockchains by NFT sale volume, Source: CryptoSlam

1. Ethereum

Ethereum Blockchain is the most preferred blockchain and stands on top of the list for developers and artists to release their NFT collection. In May 2022, the total NFT sale volume on the Ethereum blockchain is $2,188,554,372.41, according to a CryotpSlam report. Whereas the highest number of transactions took place in January 2022 with several 1,269,896. Also, January proved to be the salable month for NFT collection with the highest sale record of $3,978,317,942.59.

NFT sale on Ethereum Blockchain

2. Ronin

Ronin network is an Ethereum-linked sidechain used for mainly blockchain games. The sidechain shows tremendous growth in blockchain-based games and NFT collectibles and the year 2021 was the year of the Ronin network. From June 2021 to December 2021 the blockchain showed a significant growth in NFT sales volume where the highest sale was $848,240,858.15 in August 2021 with 1,853,437 total transactions.

Despite it being the most secure and reliable sidechain to host the NFT collection sale, it faced a severe attack in April 2022. Through Ronin Bridge, the play-to-earn gamefi Axie Infinity lost $625 million, hacked by the North Korean Lazarus Group. As a result of which there is a slight decline in total sale volume in May 2022 and is recorded at only $4,666,579.39.

Ronin Sidechain sales volume graph, Source: CryptoSlam

3. Solana

After the Ronin attack, Sellers and buyers are moving to Solana blockchain to showcase their NFT collection. More prominently, there are new NFT collections from a variety of creators on the Solana blockchain. Some of the upcoming Solana NFT drops are Noah’s Ark NFT, Cultured Kong, Dead wolves, The Notorious Homies V2, Back Jack, Dope Dogs, and Messengers of Eden, and the list is endless. All these NFT collections have been scheduled to release in May and June 2022.

Also, in January 2022, there were $298,692,608.12 sales for all the NFT collections on the Solana blockchain. January saw a remarkable rise in the total sale volume whereas more unique sellers and buyers were also recorded along with total transactions.

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Solana total NFT sale by volume, Source: CryptoSlam

4. Flow

Flow Blockchain is the most popular blockchain for NFT collectibles and NFT-based games. The well-known NFT game CryptoKitties was built on Ethereum blockchain while it was migrated to Flow Blockchain by Dapper Labs. The blockchain holds some admirable functions such as technical capacities, multi-role architecture, the sharding mechanism, and upgradable smart contracts that make FLOW the developer’s first choice.

So far the all-time highest sale of NFT collection was $224,070,124.00 on the FLOW blockchain in January 2021. While in the same month the total number of transactions crossed 1 million.

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5. Polygon

Polygon is a Layer-2 solution that works on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, many users and NFT creators consider Polygon as a value edition blockchain to release NFT-projects of high frequency and low transactional value. According to Dappradar reports there are a total of 51 NFT collections on Polygon. Whereas some upcoming NFT collections include DigitalDeers NFT, The Gaps Within, Bayden 365, All-Stars NFT, Stiffy Super, and so on.

You can check out other exclusive collections on NFTCalender.io.

Popular NFT collection on Polygon Blockchain, Source: Dappradar

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