Online marketplace E-Bay to get crypto payment options soon


E-Bay is one of the oldest American multinational e-commerce platforms, founded in 1995 in California. The company is now moving to the next level of payment options by adding crypto payment options soon. The CEO, Jamie Iannone said in an interview to the ‘The Street’ that the organization is looking to integrate crypto payment options ever since it has been in the trend. He also stressed upon making an official announcement during the upcoming investor’s day to be held on March 10 saying,

On March 10, we’re going to go deeper on all of these things, payments, advertising, our focus categories.

Jamie Iannone to The Street

To attract more trendy, crypto savvy Gen Z and Millenials, e-bay have already started NFT trading on its platform. The move was made in May 2021 without any official announcement. This certainly made e-bay the first commercial platform to trade NFT for its users. Iannone told that the company already changed its policies last year towards the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, e-bay is developing other business opportunities for young generations to scale on. One of them is very popular among the Gen-Z known as ‘Sneaker Transaction’ where youngsters are selling their sneakers and becoming collectors. E-Bay is focused to build new market capabilities in the coming time for many users.

According to Iannone, the company’s early transaction has crossed $85 billion and now wants to enhance the new payment options just like other organizations. Currently, the e-commerce giant accepts Google pay, Apple pay, and the Afterpay - a buy now pay later option on their platform.

However, the company did try to add cryptocurrency as a mode of payment in 2014 by integrating BTC on its platform. But, now the company has gained momentum again to swiftly join the league in adding crypto payment options to their transaction platform.

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