Cardano to become a new hotspot for Snoop Dogg’s unreleased NFT music


Cardano network (ADA) has collaborated with American rapper Snoop Dogg to host its new edition of the non-fungible token (NFT) collection. According to the announcement, the featured collection will represent “iconic collectibles”, “limited edition pitches”, and “unreleased music”.

Both the eminent personalities Charles Hoskinson and Snoop Dogg met on the Twitter space to discuss more on music, NFTs, crypto assets, and Web3.0. However, the new association is the result of the one-on-one hitting milestones by the largest blockchain network Cardano.

Affirmatively, the head of Ecosystem Growth at Cardano shared about issuing more than 4 million native tokens in the system. Moreover, they have added 50,000 new minting policies to the ecosystem. With this, now there are 4 million non-fungible tokens and non-ADA tokens circulating on the Cardano blockchain.

Source: Twitter

In February, the famous rapper collaborated with ‘Gala Music’ which is known to be the first decentralized recording company in the world. Several songs were released in association with gala music consisting of 25,000 NFTs. It is reported that Snoop Dogg raised around $125 million through the NFT sale.

Collaboration with Clay Nationa

Source: claynation.io

‘Clay Nation’ is the first of its kind NFT collection including 10,000 NFTs in its collection. Each digital character of the collection is a combination of algorithmically designed, assembled, and handcrafted clay traits. All the collectibles are designed and stored on the Cardano blockchain.

Recently, Clay Nation announced the NFT collection collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici. Meanwhile, the collection will be based on the Cardano blockchain and will feature unreleased music along with limited edition clay nation plots.

Source: Twitter

Currently, several NFT marketplaces are dealing with security issues and on-chain collateral damages. Many users are facing involuntary account access and transaction performance that are not authorized by them. Further, OpenSea, the largest and best marketplace for NFT minting and trading has recorded a serious downfall in sales by half which is $2.5 billion in the month of March. Also, the overall NFT trading market has come to a halt and the transactions have slowed down considerably.

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