Why Apple is criticizing Meta for charging 47.5% cut from developers?

Meta has announced an additional 17.5% commission from sales of goods in its so-called metaverse ‘Horizon Worlds’ on Monday. The social media giant has decided to increase the cut after charging 30 percent as a ‘hardware platform fee’ from the users on being on the meta Quest Store.

On the other hand, tech giant ‘Apple’ has openly criticized Meta for its thoughtless actions. According to Apple’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications Fred Sainz, Meta’s move is hypocritical. Earlier, Meta criticized Apple’s 30% take for in-app purchases in the app store. In fact, Facebook now called Meta has shown a constant opposition to Apple’s 30% platform fees and obstructing the emergence of new developments for creators and small businesses. Also, Sainz states that,

“Meta has repeatedly taken aim at Apple for charging developers a 30 per cent commission for in-app purchases in the App Store — and have used small businesses and creators as a scapegoat at every turn.”

Senior Director of Corporate Communications Fred Sainz, Apple
Source: Twitter

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‘Meta’ to charge a 47.5% cut from creators

Meta will go to charge a total of 47.5% from the developers, users of Metaverse, and other visitors for their activity, purchases, or transactions made through the Meta Quest Store. However, in the recent blogpost by Meta, they still did not mention how much they will charge creators to sell their artworks and assets.

Meanwhile, the creators and developers along with their small businesses are worried about values they might not be getting through such platforms. Meta is gaining harsh and absolute opposed reactions on Twitter. The users are already done with the parasitic middlemen who extract all the values generated from the collection and leave them nothing.

Nevertheless, the step is unsustainable and a series of mad opposing reactions are being posted on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

Whereas, out of the remainings some will definitely go to the government taxes also. Clearly, creators are not happy and certainly, this is not a promising move by Meta for their community. On the contrary, Meta still thinks that the 47.5 % rate is a competitive share and believes that ‘other platforms will be able to have their share’ as well.

Source: Twitter

More on Horizon Worlds web version

Moreover, Meta shared about the bonus distribution which will be based on the goal-oriented monthly programs. These bonuses will be paid at the end of the month according to the progress made towards the goal. Currently, Meta has released ‘Horizon Worlds’ in the US and Canada. Only adults above the age of 18 years can participate in the metaverse. Also, Horizon Worlds attracts around 300,000 monthly active users on its platform.

Source: Meta Quest Youtube

Additionally, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, the Chief Technology Officer, shared that the team is in the developing phase of the web version. With the launch of the web version of Horizon Worlds, the sale fees will come down to 25%. In the web version, Meta Quest Store’s 30% cut will be avoided and then the prices will be much more competitive and similar to the other platforms. In this, way the developers and the art creators can achieve a meaningful revenue.

Source: Twitter
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