Twitter facilitates Ethereum Addresses via the Tipping feature


The Newest feature of Twitter is out Wednesday through a tweet on facilitating Ethereum addresses on their social media platform. The news broke out months after Twitter officially implemented Bitcoin Tips via the Lightning network on mobile devices successfully. Twitter now has added several payment options for its users including the Bitcoin Tips feature and now Ethereum addresses.

Bitcoin Tips were launched with a mission to decrease fees on payment. Whereas, adding Ethereum in the crypto feature bucket has added to the array of opportunities. Not to forget the insanely famous hexagonal NFT profile picture feature that Twitter bought for its premium users.

A Twitter spokesperson connected with Techcrunch and told, “Like Twitter, digital currencies operate without global barriers. We’re excited to incorporate Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin payment in Tips, enabling more people to participate in the digital economy with as little friction as possible.”

In addition, Twitter continues to expand in a million ways to add payment options for its crypto-savvy creators and users. Meanwhile, one must know what is “Twitter Tips”!

Know more about ‘Twitter Tips’ and it is uses

The tip is a link-adding feature where users are directed to the third-party payment services on the Twitter profile. Through Tips, it becomes easier for someone to copy Bitcoin or Ethereum Addresses and paste them to where ever it is needed. When you incorporate Tip on your Twitter handle, it also wants you to add or link your payment wallet addresses. It is then, you are directed to the wallet for payment purposes. The user needs to have at least one username to enter Tips on the Twitter profile.

When Tips are on, people can send money or Bitcoin via third-party payment platforms. In addition, with Twitter Tips features it becomes easy for any community or person to raise funds, extend support or tip someone needy. You might want to appreciate somebody or tip them for their service. With all these possibilities, one must also comply & respect the tipping terms and conditions on the payment platform.

However, Twitter’s Ethereum tip feature doesn’t extend its support to ENS addresses. When using tipping on Twitter, the user just copies the long alphanumeric address of the recipient and is navigated to their wallet to tip someone. Besides, the tipping feature is foremost is the best feature to connect crypto-wallets as this reduces the unwanted gas fees associated with the transaction on the ENS platform.

Primarily, Tipping has come out to be the best feature so far. It is a more user-friendly, pocket-friendly way of sharing wallet addresses with fans and admirers.

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