‘Galaxy’ by World of Women (WoW) NFT got sold out in 3 days

World of Women NFT

On Saturday, World of Women launched its second non-fungible token collection - The World of Women (WoW) Galaxy. The new collection got completely sold out within three days generating $79 million worth of revenue.

According to CryptoSlam, within 24 hours of the availability of collection, the initial mint sale was $34 million. Whereas the secondary market trading appeared to be $45 million in total. As of now, World of Women Galaxy has done more trading in two days than any other popular NFT collection like Bored Ape Yacht Club ($45M), Mutant ape Yacht Club ($42.3M), and Azuki ($49.5M). The community of NFT profile picture projects (PFP) is thriving day by day and more people are investing in it.

Source: Twitter

The NFT collection is especially dedicated to women around the world. As per WoW, there are only 5% of female artists who are contributing to NFT are sales in the last 21 months. However, it wishes to increase the count by contributing equal opportunities to the female owners, creators, and other contributors of the Web3.0 era.

If you own an NFT from WoW, you might already have great perks of ownership. You not only own the Intellectual Property of the NFT but you also stand a chance to get 100 signed framed prints of the collectibles. Moreover, when you buy a WoW NFT, you unlock the super high resolution 4000 x 4000 version of it.

Source: Twitter

If we talk about the rarity of the NFT collection, the WoW NFTs range from rare, very rare, and exceptional with an average floor price of almost 8ETH. Having 10,000 NFT collectibles, the rarity in the collection includes 11 backgrounds, 14 skin tones, 24 clothes, 23 facial features, and many more. According to Rarity.tools, some of the NFTs have a +268.82 rarity score with a floor price of 35ETH ($121,602 as per current ETH pricing).

Source: Rarity.tools

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Donating for a cause

While this phase is a proud moment for World of Women Galaxy. Simultaneously, the NFT art space is working relentlessly towards thousands of artists’ communities. 15% of the primary sale is going to the crypto art world and its members.

Also, the platform promotes the idea of empowering women through art. WoW supports SHE’S THE FIRST, TOO YOUNG TO WED, and STANGE CINTIA who work to empower girls, banish child marriage and fight against cancer respectively. The community has allocated 2.5% of all the primary sales towards these causes.

Source: World of Women
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